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Welcome to

Greybull Wyoming 


For 58 years, the Greybull Museum has been a staple in the community. Countless schools, tourists, families, and anyone interested in the geological and historical past of the area have found the Greybull Museum their go-to destination. Over the last year, major changes have been taking place! A new board of directors was formed, the Museum was incorporated, and employees were hired. Updated displays, labels, and a great group of volunteers have the museum moving in a new direction. 


The Greybull Wyoming Museum Association is a 501 c 3 incorporation formed to raise funds to support the Greybull Museum. If you would like to join us in this endeavor go to the support us page and fill out the provided donation form. Feel free to visit the museum and make a donation in person at 325 Greybull Ave.

 The Greybull museum is run by a board of directors whose interest is to continue to see the museum expand and bring tourists in from all over the country. For up to date information please check out our Facebook page. You can also give us a call at

307-765-2444 or send an email to the museum at

Mission Statement
The Greybull Museum’s mission is to preserve, exhibit, and promote local artifacts and stories while educating residents and visitors about the rich historical heritage of Greybull, Wyoming, and the Big Horn Basin.

Vision Statement
Greybull Wyoming Museum will be a place that values the cultural and physical history of the Greybull area. We will be a resource for scientists, scholars, historians, educators, history buffs, and our community. Our museum will be considered an entertaining and worthwhile tourist destination. We will preserve and catalog important artifacts and documents. We will use these items to provide educational and cultural programs for the public. We foresee an expansion of our facility to enhance our ability to display the multitude of artifacts in our possession as well as future acquisitions.

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